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THREAD. A figurative expression used to signify the central line of a stream or water course. Harg. Tracts, 5; 4 Mason's Rep. 397; Holt's R. 490. Vide Filum aguae; Island; Water course; River.

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The current literature witnesses few probabilistic works on analyzing the contention-based access schemes of IEEE 802.
First, consider the AWGN channel environment and IEEE 802.
The Wi-SUN Alliance's founding members appointed Phil Beecher, who is Chair of the IEEE 802.
In this section, we provide numerical results based on actual measurements as well as simulations in the IEEE 802.
Explicitamente la IEEE en noviembre de 2007 conformo el grupo de trabajo IEEE 802.
Neste artigo e feitas uma revisao do estado da arte da tecnologia baseada em canais de Banda Ultra Larga (UWB) fazendo enfase em sua regulcao, estndarizacao, aplicacoes basicas, modelo de canal IEEE 802.
Though there is no firm consensus yet on what features the final version of the WiMedia standard will include, according to Alliance officials 802.
NIST has been involved in this effort since the Bluetooth Special Interest Group first released the specifications and the IEEE 802.
SmartMesh IP products are wireless chips and precertified PCB modules with ready-to-deploy wireless mesh networking software based on the 6L0WPAN and IEEE 802.