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Women in the 35 to 54 age group were most likely to have shopped a dollar-plus store or 99 cents store recently (62%), followed closely by women age 55 to 70 (61%).
Forty percent of consumers reported buying household goods at a 99 cents store in the 2006 polling, up from 39% last year.
Thirty-nine percent of those who had visited a 99 cents store also made a household goods purchase.
I'm gonna try and get a job, maybe 99 Cents Store or some supermarket work,'' he said.
Lancaster had dropped the plan to move out the 99 Cents store last November and has since announced that Costco is moving to a site that includes part of Lancaster City Park.
For ``Scorched,'' starring Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, Rachel Leigh Cook and John Cleese, the Palmdale First Assembly of God church has become a bank, the Vargas 99 cents store a diner, AV Twisters Gymnastics a record store and the Illusions beauty shop a hardware store.
At the 99 Cents Store Only on the corner of Vanowen Street and Van Nuys Boulevard in Van Nuys, not only do consumers have faith in the store's bargains, they have confidence in the economy.
The 99 Cents Only Stores Cookbook tells how to cook gourmet on a budget, and comes from an author who decided to make great meals solely with items she found at 99 cents stores.
In addition to the Windward location, the company operates 99 cents stores at the Ward Complex and at the Waipahu Town Center.
When America's 99 Cents Stores opened in the neighborhood recently, she was surprised to find frozen meals there along with the sundries.
The popular 99 cents stores are growing their home textiles business as they open more stores to target low-income families.