a priori

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A Priori

[Latin, From the cause to the effect.]

This phrase refers to a type of reasoning that examines given general principles to discover what particular facts or real-life observations can be derived from them. Another name for this method is deductive reasoning.

a priori

adverb accordingly, as a consequence, as a reeult of, as is, because of this, by reason of, consequently, deductively, derivatively, doubtlessly, ergo, ex connesso, for that reason, for this reason, for which reason, from a general law to a particular instance, from cause to effect, from that cause, from this cause, in consequence, inferentially, on account of this, on that account, on that ground, proceeding from antecedent to consequent, thusly, to that end
See also: analytical, axiomatic, discursive
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The a-priori probability for the first decoder, [mathematical expression not reproducible](i) is computed as follows:
In this paper, we present a low-bias approach to concept extraction that makes no use of such a-priori knowledge.
The determinants considered provided some interesting results that fulfilled some of the a-priori expectations.
Having established all these results, we now concentrate on a discrete approximation of Stokes equations by a finite element method and its associated a-priori error bounds.
Ella nos da unos fines a-priori, que se manifiestan en las leyes morales.
To verify the validity of the model, two major evaluation criteria were used: (i) the a-priori expectation criteria which is based on the signs and magnitude of the co-efficients of the variables under investigation; and (ii) statistical criteria which is based on statistical theory, which in other words is referred to as the First Order Least Square test consisting of R-square ([R.
In the latter work, an ANN is used to classify five fundamental types of signals: VT events, regional (RE) events, LP events, hybrid (HB) events and Rockfalls (ROC); autocorrelation functions, high order statistical moments and amplitude ratios are introduced as features to the input nodes; a mismatch rate of 30% is reported, which was reduced up to 20% after a manual revision of the original a-priori classification.
The total troposphere effect was reduced using a-priori a Saastamoinen model.
Therefore, a-priori estimates of the approximation of fine level functions by coarse level function are important to guide the design of robust AMG methods, cf.
We wish to systematically incorporate this important idea of considering the measure and metric in tandem, in the study of questions pertaining to isoperimetric and concentration properties of convex domains in high-dimensional Euclidean space, where a-priori there is only a trivial metric (Euclidean) and trivial measure (Lebesgue).