a priori

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A Priori

[Latin, From the cause to the effect.]

This phrase refers to a type of reasoning that examines given general principles to discover what particular facts or real-life observations can be derived from them. Another name for this method is deductive reasoning.

a priori

adverb accordingly, as a consequence, as a reeult of, as is, because of this, by reason of, consequently, deductively, derivatively, doubtlessly, ergo, ex connesso, for that reason, for this reason, for which reason, from a general law to a particular instance, from cause to effect, from that cause, from this cause, in consequence, inferentially, on account of this, on that account, on that ground, proceeding from antecedent to consequent, thusly, to that end
See also: analytical, axiomatic, discursive
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The first general a-priori principle he developed was the principle of relativity, i.
Our approach is unsupervised and makes no use of a-priori knowledge about language-specific patterns.
The usage of cross-entropy is based firstly to check the sign consistency between a-priori information and the extrinsic information, and then compute the associated number of sign differences between the extrinsic information, and then compute the associated number of sign differences between the extrinstic information sequence and the a-priori information sequence so as to normalize the output information of soft-in soft-out (SISO) turbo decoder (Lu et al.
CDATA[ Supreme Court: Hamas-run Gaza residents who wish to visit imprisoned terrorist relatives in Israel don't have a-priori humanitarian right to do so.
The a-priori expectation criteria which is based on the signs and magnitudes of the co-efficients of the variables under investigation; and the statistical criteria which is based on statistical theory, which in other words is referred to as the First Order Least Square (OLS) consisting of Rsquare ([R.
We achieve our objective by displaying nonnegative definite Lyapunov functionals, which in turn give the a-priori bound.
We omit these details and continue with deriving some a-priori bounds.
In addition, a careful manual revision of the original a-priori classification was achieved by an expert not involved in the previous labeling of the data set.
For obvious reasons, no organization would "choose" a-priori this type of implementation.
Since paths are established a-priori, there is no on-the-fly routing made with each datagram as in the packet-based network.