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Caption: A sample screen from the ABMT app shows a threatening cartoon face and a neutral one.
However, in its "damned if you do" or "be careful what you ask for" role, the widespread coverage for ABMT may have perversely inhibited research.
Scott Anderson, director of At Ease USA, said he hopes this research can contribute to the eventual creation of an internet-based ABMT treatment process that will allow military families to access safe and effective PTSD care from their home computers.
Our agreement to offer the Western Union ABMT Service is a step towards meeting these requirements and ensuring that our customers are the first to benefit from the latest innovations in retail banking.
The Western Union-IBK ABMT service complements the bank's nationwide network of over 584 branches offering the Western Union[R] Money Transfer(SM) service.
ABMT will also help unbanked consumers to be banked and completely combined into the formal financial system.
Use of this new gene therapy protocol may ultimately permit the use of higher doses of chemotherapeutic compounds, and may also reduce or eliminate the need for additional ABMT procedures following chemotherapy for recurrent cancer," commented M.
However, it's not clear that high-dose chemotherapy with ABMT is the best treatment for any group of patients, that it will cure any patient that would not be cured by other treatments, or that it will prolong survival to a greater extent than commonly used conventional dose chemotherapy," said Craig Henderson, MD, leading oncologist, MAP member and Adjunct Professor, Medical Oncology, University of California, San Francisco.
Grossbard observes that "We have now demonstrated -- in more than 60 lymphoma patients with a high likelihood of relapse -- that Oncolysin B can be given safely following ABMT.
Commenting on the results from the ABMT studies, ImmunoGen Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Carol R.
Clinical investigators also measured the extension of patients' disease-free survival following ABMT and treatment with Oncolysin B.
Our decision to test the effectiveness of Oncolysin B in lymphoma patients who have undergone ABMT is a strategic one," she explains.