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It remains to be established whether ABMT can be used as a stand-alone treatment or whether it will be more effective when used as adjunct to more traditional psychological interventions.
Caption: A sample screen from the ABMT app shows a threatening cartoon face and a neutral one.
In its early days, ABMT for breast cancer was considered an investigative therapy by many payers, and thus considered ineligible for coverage.
We note that in August 1997 the California legislature considered legislation that takes a step backward--toward mandating coverage for ABMT for breast cancer.
37) When insurers first refused to pay for unapproved drugs, the courts chastised them for failing explicitly to exclude coverage for "experimental" drugs,(38) yet this is the very language courts are now refusing to enforce in the ABMT cases.
If she herself now has end-stage breast cancer, and if she pleads and manipulates and threatens legal action to secure ABMT for herself, and if that administrator gives in to her entreaties, then both are guilty of injustice.
In addition to QNB s existing regular international transfer facility, ABMT is an innovative service where customers can conveniently send money fast, anytime, anywhere.
HDC's Image Problem The percentage of women who recalled news of HDC with ABMT as "positive" Those with a history of cancer 74% Those touched by cancer [*] 60% Those untouched by cancer 32%
Bank of Beirut along with Western Union has introduced a new service - ABMT (Account Based Money Transfer) that will allow Bank of Beirut clients to get Western Union money transfers through the online banking platform directly to their accounts.
The ABMT service is an integral part of our strategy to enhance the usage of electronic channels, as we strive to provide customers with more convenient ways of transferring money, said Hatem Sleiman, Regional VP of Western Union for Near East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.