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ARCHBISHOP, eccl. law. The chief of the clergy of a whole province. He has the, inspection of the bishops of that province, as well as of the inferior clergy, and may deprive them on notorious cause. The archbishop has also his own diocese, in which he exercises, episcopal jurisdiction, as in his province he exercises archiepiscopal authority. 1 Bl. Com. 380; L. Raym. 541; Code, 1, 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nordea Bank Abp provides banking, financial and related advisory services.
Since its inception in 2001, the ABP has graduated more than 3,100 students, with more than 85 percent of them going on to enroll at international universities, including in the US and the UK.
Till Schreiter, CEO of ABP, added: "ABP's state-of-art induction products and technology-driven culture will fit well with both shareholders.
Owoicho, therefore, expressed the bank's commitment to disbursing ABP funds or any other agricultural funds approved by the CBN, within five days of receipt of applications from the apex bank.
On April 9, 2018, Scythian announced that ABP had received its license to import CBD oil for research and development purposes.
Port of Garston, together with Silloth, Barrow and Fleetwood, is part of the north west division of ABP, and together they contribute PS550 million to the economy.
ANI's subscription to increase ABP's capital as well as the incorporation of the technology arm ATHI are both awaiting approval of the SEC.
ABP 980 is being developed as a biosimilar to trastuzumab, a recombinant DNA-derived humanised monoclonal immunoglobulin G1 kappa antibody approved for the same cancers mentioned above.
The company operates a total of 10 separate warehouses with a combined area of over 50,000 sq m, based at ABP's Newport port.
ABP Immingham, the United Kingdom's largest port by tonnage, has taken delivery of a Sennebogen 875 mobile port material handler.