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Even after that, the Pentagon continued to provide new JCET training, and State kept pressing the democracy movement to back a new government formed around ABRI.
Today, as Prabowo has been thrown over and the United States has thrown in with Wiranto, ABRI remains wary of the potential for mass upheaval and has started releasing some formally arrested political prisoners.
It is perhaps ominous for some of the missing that when Megawati -- searching for Taslam -- went to a top ABRI commander she was told an absurd but chilling tale.
ABRI has also been negatively affected, but far less so than opposition political parties, the press, and traditional ethnic and religious institutions.
He would have to turn to ABRI as his primary base of support.
Clearly, either succession scenario is likely to result in a more enhanced role for ABRI.
As an issue, East Timor carries with it two particular negatives: (1) it puts the focus on ABRI under very unfavorable circumstances and (2) demands for East Timor's independence pose a threat to the territorial integrity of Indonesia as a whole.
On January 29, one of those with whom Zacky had met tipped off activist Pius Lustrilanang that within one week ABRI intelligence would be placing him under surveillance.
stance--although fairly widely understood within ABRI and a key source of its apparent confidence--seems less clear to foreign observers, the press and some in the U.
corporate partners of Suharto, the IMET was partially restored in 1994 and 1995, as a smaller program called E-IMET that purported to instruct ABRI in human rights.
military has been training ABRI in a broad array of lethal tactics.
In the wake of that, ABRI launched a crackdown and intimidation campaign against nongovernmental organizations.