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Previous studies have reported that ACE inhibitors are under-used in patients with heart failure, but have not fully examined the reasons for not prescribing these drugs.
* Ask your doctor whether you might benefit from receiving an ACE inhibitor.
Patients who cannot take ACE inhibitors may get a nitrate and/or a drug called hydralazine, each of which helps relax tension in blood vessels to improve blood flow.
In a separate development regarding Warner-Lambert, an FDA panel has concluded that Accupril, its ACE inhibitor, should be approved as a twice-daily treatment for CHF.
ACE Inhibitors were the first drugs used, CCBs were the second and ARBs were the fourth drug used.
At 10-year follow-up, femoral neck bone mineral density was 0.04-g/cm2 greater in the 137 subjects on an ACE inhibitor for at least 5 years than in men not on long-term therapy with a drug in this class.
Only 0.9 of every 1,000 women in the cohort used ACE inhibitors; use of other antihypertensive drugs was 2.4 per 1,000.
A large, well-done randomized controlled trial (RCT) was needed to determine the following: (1) whether an ARB is as effective as an ACE inhibitor in reducing morbidity and mortality in high-risk patients who don't have heart failure, and (2) whether the ACE inhibitor-ARB combination is better than monotherapy for patients at high risk.
Although angio-oedema is a well-recognised complication of ACE inhibitor use, only isolated reports of death have appeared in the literature.
ACE inhibitors and ARBs are also the agents of choice in nondiabetic kidney disease with proteinuria (NKF, 2004).
Differences between findings from this study and the one reported last December might result, in part, because the specific diuretics and ACE inhibitors were different in the two trials, says Edward D.
Five women continued using ACE inhibitors (some also with calcium channel blockers): Five of their six pregnancies had no significant problems; one was ectopic.