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Resin NPR 2353, which has more acidic properties, affects significantly the acid properties of the surface.
For encoding target protein, the use of each principal component of amino acid properties yields features [Ft.sub.i], i = 1~[N.sub.PCA], with dimensions 20 x 10 = 200, while, for drug molecule, approximately 206 ([approximately equal to] 1444/[N.sub.PCA], [N.sub.PCA] = 7) features [Fd.sub.j], j = 1~[N.sub.PCA], are selected in order from the 1D and 2D feature descriptors.
Ionic liquids have strong acid properties, enabling them to perform acid catalysis, but without the volatility of conventional acids.
[12.] Evaluation of the acid properties of porous zirconium-doped and undoped silica materials / D.