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According to the company, custom built DataDirect Connect for ADO.
Developers worldwide depend on DataDirect products to connect their applications to an unparalleled range of data sources using standards-based interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC and ADO.
dotConnect data providers for cloud sources offer standard ADO.
With dotConnect data providers it is now possible to add an implementation of Identity system via ADO.
Tatsuro Hayashi, Corporate Development Office Manager for MapQuest Corporation in Japan, noted: "Using the DataDirect Connect for ADO.
Enhanced database connectivity solutions - dotConnect ADO.
Developers will also learn how to build data-centric applications and web services with ADO.
You'll find a quick review of introductory topics-always helpful-before the author team of experts moves you quickly into such topics as data access with ADO.
com)-- Devart software development company announces proudly the new versions of dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL, and dotConnect for PostgreSQL — enhanced ADO.
NET, work with web server controls and validation controls, and access data sources using ADO.
API Leveling - Provide a consistent experience when working with any applications, databases, and services through a standard ADO.