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Figure 1 illustrates AFIS first sympodial position mean fiber length at each main stem node for the three environments.
The collection percentage of Afis -- the only licenced recycling system for batteries and accumulators in Cyprus -- was 27.34 per cent last year, lower than the 45 per cent set by the directive, the report said.
Duterte brought up the matter after Afis had informed him that King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud had issued a proclamation, granting amnesty to illegal migrants here on March 29.
"North America would lead the AFIS market with applications in the government and transportation sectors"
The role of the USTER(r) AFIS PRO 2 fiber testing instrument from Uster Technologies in process optimization is wide-ranging, but it can be neatly exemplified by focusing on one specific area of concern to spinners: fiber maturity.
The NEC AFIS system in Anhui Province is the largest of its kind in China.
AFIs were deemed to be ineligible for the LLR Initiative even though they have been writing business loans in Aboriginal communities for two decades.
The integrator can adapt our solution or develop its own with our components, and deploy a scalable civil AFIS that can grow with the database and with the number of transactions.
Summary: The Secretary-General of the Arab Towns Organization (ATO), Abdul 'Aziz Al Adsani, and Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani, laid the foundation stone for the new headquarters of the Arab Forum for Information Systems (AFIS) in Tla' Al Ali district.
One obstacle is a lack of la tent print interoperability among the various Automated Fingerprint Information Systems (AFIS) maintained by states, cities, and localities.
An AFIS (Film and Sociology Assn.), Czech TV production.