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SIS II contractor responsible for the design and delivery of the AFIS to eu-LISA.
This act fulfills the prerequisite for procurement of equipment for the AFIS system worth seven million KM from the EU IPA assistance program.
To achieve certification Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officers (AFISOs) had to be trained to GCAA standards, new AFIS procedures were introduced, a watch tower built, and technical equipment, including communication and recording systems, installed.
North America would lead the AFIS market with applications in the government and transportation sectors"
The role of the USTER(r) AFIS PRO 2 fiber testing instrument from Uster Technologies in process optimization is wide-ranging, but it can be neatly exemplified by focusing on one specific area of concern to spinners: fiber maturity.
Until the end of 2010, the Polish National Police (Komenda Glowna Policji) will be provided with Suprema RealScan-F palm-print live scanners for its nationwide criminal AFIS operation.
The proper use of the AFIS system is to be done by experts that should accurately fulfill mental and physical conditions.
The scheme, which is being jointly run by non-profit organisations AFIS Cyprus Ltd and Green Dot Cyprus, means that Cyprus will fulfil in good time its obligation to comply with European Union legislation on battery collection and recycling.
KNPA's 3-year phased AFIS project focuses on improving the quality of fingerprint images in its legacy database and upgrading administration software for the database.
AFIS measures the properties of approximately 3000 individual fibers per sample by optical analysis.