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AGARD. An old word which signifies award. It is used in pleading, as nul agard, no award;

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Spiritually," Agard states, "the residents feel reunited with a part of the healthy, living world around them.
The other online car business iGroup intends to acquire, Agard Norge, is reportedly selling cars with the Internet as its only sales channel.
The screenplay by first-time director Laurie Agard stretches credulity to the breaking point when the kids' seemingly baseless fantasies of criminal behavior turn up a surprising secret, and golf-cart-driving Wombat must ride to the rescue of the kidnapped Frog in a climactic chase seg.
The development of all tests making up the AGARD battery, as with those making up the more comprehensive UTC-PAB, uses cognitive modeling as its basis and aims to account for induced effects on stages of cognitive processing through the use of appropriate performance measures.
Aneke, 6ft 3in of muscle and purpose, and deadly sidekick Agard struck early in the second half to confirm a win which was efficient rather than eye-catching.
Agard was the Dons' 14-goal top-scorer last season but is yet to get off the mark in an injurydisrupted campaign.
Bristol opened the second half well, Pennington blocking Tavernier's shot while Agard couldn't quite direct his near-post header from Bryan's cross.
Agard's 14th-minute opener was cancelled out by Dicko, who hit a second while David Edwards added a third to give the home side a comfortable half-time advantage.
Agard put Rotherham ahead before two goals from Dicko and one from Dave Edwards saw Wolves cruising at half-time.
On-loan striker Matt Tubbs had put the visitors ahead, Everton old boy Agard equalised with a penalty but Josh Simpson restored Crawley's lead midway through the half only for Agard to have the final say.
John Agard was born in Guyana but moved to the UK in 1977 and settled in the Suffolk town of Lewes the following year.
"I'll be retweeting the ones that came up with the name Kieran Agard. There's a couple of people who had mentioned him, so they'll be taking the credit," he said.