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(10) Loehe intended to fill the need for such liturgy with his Agende.
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A task force of the Transportation Research Board is trying to identify local governments, transit systems, and other agendes that have studied or adopted plans to address the special security problems of women as they travel--as pedestrians, in cars or parking lots, waiting for or riding on public transit, and in airports or train stations.
Although progress has been made, the agendes that still offer programs for teenage fathers are sorely in need of more staff and increased funding to enable them to deal with the growing number of young fathers coming for services and to develop more comprehensive programs for both young men and young women.
The winning of an award may be a way for advertising agendes to: (1) gain recognition for their work, (2) encourage creativity among staff, (3) increase prestige in the industry, and (4) promote themselves to potential clients (Schweitzer and Hester, 1992).
Why is it that the vast majority of visually impaired, employment-oriented people are not pounding down the doors of special agendes with requests for training in the use of these devices?
Bob Hall of the Institute for Southern Studies hardly exaggerates when he laments that "everything in the South is available for the taking." Nowhere else are regulatory agendes more reluctant to crack down on polluting industries, or governments more eager to grant them tax breaks.
et al., Banking Agendes Reach Agreement on Basel II Implementation (July
The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office--currently conducting a review into how state agendes responded to the Ponzi scheme allegedly hatched by Financial Resources Mortgage Inc.
The same shall be opened in the presence of the Contracting Agendes who are present