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An estimated 100,000 to 150,000 other people in the United States have either AIDS-related complex or AIDS-related diseases.
The new finding complements an earlier study showing zidovudine slows disease progression in HIV-infected people who have AIDS-related complex (ARC), an early stage of AIDS (SN: 8/12/89, p.
Although the ELISA test has, in effect, eliminated the AIDS risk in transfused blood, no one knows exactly how to interpret the results in individual patients: It is not a test for the AIDS-related complex (ARC), AIDS, or future disease, although a positive reaction indicates that a person has probably been infected with HTLV-III.
For example, both recommend that the diagnosis categroy called AIDS-related complex (ARC) be discarded, and that public-health attention be widened from the current focus on AIDS to include all stages of HIV infection.
Speaking on AIDS public policy at this week's meeting, he said accumulating evidence shows that once an HIV-infected person begins to show symptoms associated with the condition called AIDS-related complex (ARC), eventual death from AIDS appears certain.
included 20 AIDS or AIDS-related complex (ARC) patients given ddC, plus another six patients given zidovudine alternating with ddC.
In the group with fully developed AIDS, the impairment rate was 87 percent; AIDS-related complex (ARC), 54 percent; HIV positive, 44 percent; and HIV negative (controls), 9 percent.
Freeman also studied 13 patients with ARC, or AIDS-related complex, which can develop into AIDS and which typically is characterized by fatigue, weight loss and swollen glands.