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AIMES uses a set of standardized health and education indicators (see exhibit 1, at right) to measure impact (outcome) and process (output).
"AIMES has become a mothership for other businesses being spun out." AIMES's business continuity service provides clients with a physical location and back-up IT infrastructure in the event of an incident which disrupts their day-to-day operations.
Professor Dennis Kehoe, Director of AIMES, said: "Digital inclusion is a crucial enabler of economic regeneration and growth.
Aimes, of Stourbridge, struck the nurse in the mouth with a clenched fist as she tried to wake him, resulting in her suffering bruising and a swollen lower lip.
AIMES, based at Liverpool Innovation Park (LIP) on Edge Lane, has already signed up the BBC, Sony, UCI and Getty Images as customers.
LIVERPOOL technology company, AIMES Grid Services, has secured pounds 150,000 in funding from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board for a cloud computing project that will benefit the UK's medical research community.
VOUCHER and savings firm Park Group is making sure all its IT eggs aren't in the same basket, after it became the first tenant of AIMES Grid Services' business continuity centre.
LIVERPOOL IT firm AIMES Grid Services is to invest pounds 100,000 to support the development of new services.
CLOUD computing firm Aimes Grid Services has announced a partnership with a Warrington IT firm to provide a business continuity and disaster recovery service.
AIMES Grid Services has won a three-year contract to provide IT disaster recovery services to Liverpool-based training and consultancy provider, Sysco Group.
Aimes Grid Services, based on Liverpool Innovation Park, Edge Lane, began in 2002 at the University of Liverpool with the aim of exploiting business opportunities arising from seeing the internet as a platform for services.
I-techpartner project is being spearheaded by Liverpool University's AIMES centre.