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Exhibit 2, below, shows the AIMES indicators for 1997 to 1999, aggregated for the entire organization.
Fibrenet will have a capacity of 10 gigabytes per second and, according to AIMES, could save businesses up to 80% of the typical cost of a much slower 10 megabyte broadband service.
Prof Dennis Kehoe, chief executive of AIMES, said: "At the moment, the health informatics community is in a vicious circle.
Prof Dennis Kehoe, chief executive of AIMES, said: "The improved service we've offered Park demonstrates how virtualisation and cloud computing technologies are transforming the way in which IT services, such as disaster recovery, are delivered by providing a faster and more cost effective approach.
Professor Dennis Kehoe, from AIMES Grid Services, left, with Ian Whissell, from NatWest
Director of AIMES Professor Dennis Kehoe said: "The marketplace for science and technology is vast and complex.
PROVIDING businesses, particularly SMEs, with cost-effective access to next generation computing technologies is the key focus of activity at AIMES.