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Like the AJA HELO, the Cube 655's web configuration page can be auto-discovered by Bonjour-enabled browsers such as Safari.
During his era at the helm until 2009, AJA had undoubtedly become the most powerful voice of the Brotherhood.
Current was often given a high-numbered channel that makes it much less likely that viewers would find it by chance; AJA said it is working to improve that.
Thanking AJA Academy and Infovision Consultants for the program, Yokogawa's Alex Olimpo said the top management is committed to quality in all aspects of its operations.
Founded in 1981, AJA is the only national association that focuses exclusively on issues specific to the operations of the nation's 3,100-plus jail facilities.
The AJA is located on the Cincinnati campus of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and it has been closely identified both geographically and ideologically with the Reform movement since its founding.
Dr Mark Pierotti, chief operating officer AJA described the deal as a reiteration of the company's partnership with ADAC, saying it will significantly assist its plans to grow and achieve its development objectives.
The DBA's successor, the AJA functions on shaky legal grounds.
AJA, the official journal of the Archaeological Institute of America, is a peer-reviewed, widely distributed scholarly journal that has been in continuous publication for 116 years.
To address the needs of a rapidly expanding client base in ProAV, AJA has been at the forefront of a range of streaming implementations, HDBaseT workflows, HDMI conversion and more, all with a commitment to low latency, reliability and unparalleled support.
Contract awarded for Upgrade load lock system in AJA Ebeam Evaporator