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Teachers were oriented on how to take these projects then further to AJAS and Gorgas.
The webpage for AJAS was updated so that it contained AJAS information regarding regional and state paper reading competitions.
The AJAS link includes regional and then state registration, meal registration for state, AMSTI regional representative report and registration as an AMSTI guest.
The general AJAS info link includes FAQ's, a submit a question form, a request a mentor form, tips on how to do a science fair project, a link to how to write a science paper, interviews with past AJAS participants and AJAS presentations, the application for the AJAS research grant, officer nomination forms and the outstanding teacher nomination form.
3 AJAS Officers are being put to work for publicity.
Officers will complete application form to create AJAS charter memberships at their school.
The AJAS president has agreed to connect to science club presidents to invite to membership in AJAS and participation in the Regional AJAS-JSHS competitions.
The Gorgas and AJAS Competitions this spring was outstanding and many students will benefit from the scholarships offered.
As the details of the first conference during my tenure as AJAS director are worked out, I would ask the help of all.