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Hinuq Essive Lative Ablative1 Ablative2 Directional CONT -l -l-e-r -l-e-s -l-e-zo -l-e-do IN -V/-ma -Vr/-ma-r -Vs/-mas -Vzo/-ma-zo -Vdo/-ma-do SUB -y -y-e-r -y-e-s -y-e-zo -y-e-do SUPER -y 'o -y'o-r -y'o-s -y'o-zo -y'o-do AT -qo -qo-r -qo-s -qo-zo -qo-do ALOC -de -de-r -de-s -de-zo -de-do ILOC -ho -ho-r -ho-s -ho-zo -ho-do Table 2.
ALOC is a good course but not where it needs to be for cross-functional aptitude, which is necessary.
The Money Merge program does require homeowners to establish a separate line of credit that is defined by UFirst as an ALOC (an Advanced Line of Credit).