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Amotion pursuant to this rule is needed only if the sentencing error has not been adequately preserved for review at an earlier time in the trial court.
Amotion tabled in Parliament criticising the firms has gathered support from 131 MPs.
Young children's theory of mind and amotion. Cognition and Emotion, 3, 379-400.
His departure after 12 years comes four months after angry lecturers passed amotion of no confidence in him.
Last month, Labour MPs filed amotion in the Commons asking why Everton has been allowed to bid for so much public money.
We could easily lose such amotion, and that wouldn't look good.
But amotion of no confidence is a whipped vote and has to be taken seriously." Currently there are 30 Labour AMs and 30 AMs representing the three opposition parties.
The pair, who both represent Plaid Cymru in the city's ruling Plaid/Lib Demcoalition, will face amotion ofno confidence at a meeting of the full council later this month.
Amotion ensuring the quarterfinals of all higher education competitions are played before Christmas was withdrawn on Saturday before it even hit the congress floor.
Amotion by his counsel, Mungo Bovey QC, seeking leave to appeal this decision to the Privy Council was also refused.
But amotion to scrap four options drawn up by Powys council, which included proposals to close up to seven schools, was defeated at the meeting.
But it is also available to either of the opposition parties to use their own parliamentary time to debate the motion - as the Liberal Democrats recently did with amotion supporting the Gurkhas' right to reside in the UK.