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Results of the two-way mixed design ANCOVA analysis suggest that there was no association between self-efficacy and self-care behaviors.
Data from 513 Hanwoo steer from 17 farms in Gyengsangbukdo were employed to construct an ANCOVA model of how economic traits are influenced by five SNPs and environmental factors.
We conducted a 2 (social distance) x 2 (message description) ANCOVA of product attitude ([alpha] = .
Table 8 showing ANCOVA result of the posttest using pre test as covariate.
Furthermore, the one-way ANCOVA was utilized by taking the pre-test scores as a covariate, while the ubiquitous learning approaches were an independent variable and the post-test scores were a dependent variable.
Fitted values from the ANCOVA model are also given for both the Baffin Bay area (dashed line) and the northern Upper Laguna Madre control site (solid line).
Actual fecundity was independent of female weight in all spawn orders (repeated measures ANCOVA, F = 0.
Abbreviations: 6MWT = 6 min walk test, 10MWT = 10 m walk test, AIS = American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale, ANCOVA = analysis of covariance, ANOVA = analysis of variance, BWS = body weight support, BWSTT = body weight-supported treadmill training, CI = confidence interval, Loko-R = Lokomat-applied resistance, MDC95 = 95 percent minimal detectable change, m-iSCI = motor-incomplete spinal cord injury, MVC = maximum voluntary contraction, RPE = rating of perceived exertion, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCI-FAP = Spinal Cord Injury-Functional Ambulation Profile, SD = standard deviation.
ANCOVA test was used to compare variables between stretching and the Myofascial release group.
ANCOVA analyses and von Bertalanffy growth models found that there was a difference in relationship between sex, while ANCOVA analyses showed that lake individuals were larger than tributary individuals based on slope differences in habitat length-weight relationships.
The results of ANCOVA (adjusted for age) demonstrate that APP669-711/A[beta]1-42 showed highly significant group differences with a large effect size (Table 3, upper part), which were almost comparable to those of PiB-mcSUVR.