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Con la finalidad de analizar el cambio en las variables objeto de estudio se realizaron analisis descriptivos (medias y desviaciones tipicas) con los datos obtenidos en los test administrados en la fase pretest, postest y en la diferencia postest-pretest, ademas de analisis de varianza con las puntuaciones pretest (MANOVAs, ANOVAs) y analisis de covarianza (MANCOVAs, ANCOVAs) de las diferencias encontradas postest-pretest en experimentales y control en las variables medidas antes y despues de la intervencion.
Table 4: Comparing of free and total testosterone and SHBG among different groups using ANOVA and general linear model with univariate analysis (ANCOVA).
Results of the two-way mixed design ANCOVA analysis suggest that there was no association between self-efficacy and self-care behaviors.
The relationship between economic traits and factors can be expressed as the following ANCOVA model:
Table 4: Descriptive data and ANCOVA of the post-test-1 score (Group-4)
After verifying that the assumption of homogeneity of regression was not violated with F = 0.09 (p > .05), the post-questionnaire scores were analyzed with ANCOVA. As shown in Table 2, a significant impact of the ubiquitous learning approach was found on the two groups with F = 6.21 (p < .05, [[eta].sup.2] = 0.060).
The present study used partial correlation analysis to explore the relationships between mean FC values in ROIs (brain regions showed differences among the three groups by ANCOVA) and clinical assessments.
El IPH mostro una reduccion significativa cuando cualquiera de las combinaciones de planta/concentracion del extracto fue comparada con et control negativo (Ancova, valor p < 0,050).
The ANCOVA test indicated that there were no significant differences between groups on the outcome of service use (F=0.972, p= .324).