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We conducted two final ANCOVAs to examine the influence of task complexity and ambiguity on mean probability score and judgement bias score, respectively.
There were significant univariate ANCOVAS however, which indicate there were significant main effects for apology, F(1, 96) = 6.
The interaction term of the ANCOVA comparing BF and length between years was not significant (df = 54, F-ratio = 2.
After controlling for income, results of an ANCOVA on NumEvents demonstrated significant main effects for both TeamID (F = 9.
However, unlike the all of the analyses presented above, ANCOVA revealed that after controlling for performance with this alternative standard, females reported larger training volumes (F(3,844) = 5.
ANCOVA demonstrated a strong correlation between family and FFG diversity (Figs 1A-C).
The proportion that males contributed to the weekly CPUE was evaluated with ANCOVA with year as a covariate, and water temperature, salinity, and daylength as fixed factors.
Yas ve egitim yili bakimindan gruplar arasi farklar nedeniyle, OIO-44 ve alt olceklerine iliskin gecerlik duzeylerini degerlendirebilmek amaciyla OKB hastalari ve saglikli kontroller arasinda deneklerin yas ve ogrenim durumlari kovaryant olarak alinarak ANCOVA analizleri yapilmistir.
00 Values are mean [+ or -] SE (n=12); Means are adjusted from the ANCOVA analysis; Values in rows with different superscripts are significantly different (P<0.
The ANCOVA model included nutrient level as a categorical variable and density of gametophytes as a covariate.
Using interrupted time series analysis and ANCOVA, we test for the change in investor sentiment as a result of the event and its impact on stock returns.
ANCOVA was used to test the effects of categorical variables on a continuous dependent variable, controlling for the effects of other selected continuous variables that may covary with the dependent.