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The all-female cast of Anon consists of two actresses, Shin-Fei Chen and Ronke Adekoluejo, and three sopranos, Sara Lian Owen, Claire Wild and Joanna Foote.
Composer Erollyn Wallen (left) was shocked that the themes a 1731 book were still pertinent today and (below left) Shin-Fei Chen in rehearsals for Anon
Thankfully it seems that all of the companies involved are sound sustainable businesses, and the change in the scope of one project shouldn't be such a great loss to them - anon
Anon pushes the half-drunk glass of water back across the bar.
They are delighted that Saddam Hussein has gone," says Anon, but that does not legitimise our invasion and destabilisation of a distant country that posed no threat to us.
By these actions, all Internet users have been made aware that they might want to avoid remailers like anon.
We can't give any specific forecast for Montara project as we are in the process of choosing a construction company and assessing insurance costs," Anon said.
Anon ALEX Salmond is politics' answer to Craig Whyte.
Anon also wonders why we have the Royal Mail and Royal Navy etc.
3 November 2, 1996 - EUR9,505,290, Two winning tickets Mary and Paddy Kelly, Bailieborough, Cavan: EUR4,752,645 Anon.
Anon JOAN McAlpine and others constantly misquote the Bible verse regarding casting the first stone.
ANON, Gateshead * We've now had 10 years of conflict in Afghanistan.