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AN, JOUR, ET WASTE. See Year, day, and waste.

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A ConocoPhillips tanker that delivered ANS to Asia in May 2015 also went to drydock afterwards, while the third shipment, in October 2014, occured when ANS reached the deepest discount to CMA Ice Brent since at least October 2012.
A committee of the ANS Board has been established for the purposes of considering the offers, and making recommendations to ANS Shareholders in relation to the offers.
The new facilities will get the ANS team closer to its customers and improve their operational efficiently.
In addition to growing its presence in North America, ANS is also increasing capacity in Brazil--a nation emerging as an airfreight hotspot.
2) The FTC further alleged that BP possessed monopoly market power over the price of ANS prior to its announced merger with ARCO, and it was concerned that the merger would eliminate the firm most likely to eliminate or reduce BP's market power in the future.
There are so many varied, interesting, groundbreaking efforts," agreed ANS managing editor Peter Seares.
Systems to carry ANS crude oil to markets east of the Rockies have been needed.
Paul Shannon, MD of Managed Services at ANS, said: The service will provide both organisations with increased flexibility and resilience, ensuring that their IT systems suit both their current and future needs.
ANS will take a biometrically-secured colocation 'cage' within M247's newest Trafford Park data centre in addition to a range of high-capacity optical connectivity services to interconnect with the present ANS Cloud backbone.
Coker, MD, president of the ANS, presented the results of a poll of ANS members to both the BOG and to Dr.