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AN, JOUR, ET WASTE. See Year, day, and waste.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(24) Equation (1) allows both the slope and intercept of the ANS demand curve to change as the USWC moves from surplus to deficit, as predicted by theory.
- Uno Lohmus, un juriste estonien de 51 ans, membre de la Cour constitutionnelle d'Estonie et president du haut conseil de l'administration judiciaire d'Estonie.
The ANS program will provide navigational, perception, path-planning and vehicle-following algorithms and the requisite on-board sensor package for autonomous mobility.
Z = Taux de victimes de 0 a 4 ans (Montreal--Toronto)/ [square root of [(Erreur-type t0-4 ans a Montreal).sup.2] + [(Erreur-type t0-4 ans a Toronto).sup.2]]
Instead, nearly 1,700 newspapers, TV networks, radio stations and other media outlets ended up using ANS material by this past summer.
Because ANS sellers have an incentive to avoid the high costs of shipping production to distant markets east of the Rockies, prices for ANS on the West Coast are relatively low.
Soufiane Mesbahi s'est impose face Younes Alami (-14 ans), Amine Ahouda a pris le meilleur sur Berjane (-18 ans) et Khalid Allouch a domine M.
La princesse Aiko, 11 ans (nee le 1er decembre 2001), fille unique du prince Naruhito et de son epouse Masako, ne peut figurer dans l'ordre de succession au trone, les femmes en ayant ete ecartees en 1889.
Persons may register for the TOFE meeting through either the TOFE website or the ANS website (
The American Neurotology Society (ANS) voted with an overwhelming majority at its business meeting on May 3, 2003, to make it "the official position of the ANS that it is opposed to the Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) [subspecialty certification] in Otology and Neurotology" and directed the ANS president to send a letter to the American Board of Otolaryngology stating that position.