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CONTRACTION. An abbreviation; a mode of writing or printing by which some of the letters of a word are omitted. See Abbreviations.

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Fisch says: The San Marino AOC has proven instantly popular with our customers, with three aircraft from Europe, South Africa and the Middle East already receiving their T7 San Marino tail numbers.
The current AOC structure grew out of the Vietnam-era theater air control system (TACS).
it marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between Trigon and AOC.
L to R) Sameh Gamal from AOC, Arun Chawla from Trigon, Vineeth Sebastian from AOC and Kamran Khayal from Trigon
According to the president of the local AOC branch Dr.
Each roughage substrate was assigned to all the treatments in a 2x3 factorial arrangement with AOC and HMB as main effects.
After spending time reviewing our distribution network and analyzing our potential growth markets, we have gone ahead and signed Redington Gulf to promote our range of AOC and Philips displays throughout Saudi Arabia," explained Vineeth Sebastian, regional sales director-MEA at MMD and AOC.
Tawfik ELgerbi, Manager, Estishari for Computer Services said, 'It is our pleasure to partner with AOC and today it marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between Estishari and AOC.
Other specs of the 27-inch AOC e2795Vh include a 70W power consumption rating, RoHS and Energy Star 5.
Over the next few years, as less developed markets - currently falling outside of the data center and high-performance computing sectors - start shifting towards fiber optics, the AOC market should experience a boost in revenue.
Personnel in the grade of captain who complete the Combined Logistics Captains Career Courses (CLC3) (Active duty or Reserve component courses) will be transferred to AOC 90A and will retain their basic branch as their secondary AOC.