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The paucity of meaningful content on AOL dates back to the company's scrappy origins, when it lacked the resources to obtain brand-name fare--financial analysis from CBS Marketwatch, or Hollywood gossip from Entertainment Weekly.
In addition to extensive sports coverage, AOL will feature Super Bowl content across numerous channels, including AOL Music (http://music.
AOL Video features free streaming videos as well as the ability to purchase and download full-length content that can be viewed on multiple devices and PCs, online or offline.
As professional talent took over the AOL Video Search Top 10 list, amateur musicians gained popularity on AOL Search.
In addition to the new OpenRide software, AOL has made many of its popular features and services available for free for anyone with an Internet connection as part of the Company's strategy to expand the size and engagement of its audience.
Age Controls: AOL offers an age-appropriate online experience with standard settings for kids (ages 12 and under), young teens (13-15) and mature teens (ages 16-17), which can be customized and enhanced by the parent.
Leonsis joined AOL in 1993, when AOL acquired Redgate Communications Corp.
to serve this audience, maximizing GameDaily content with AOL's community features, and further expanding the AOL Games community.
com, open mail clients (like Outlook and Thunderbird) that use the IMAP protocol, and through the new beta version of the AOL "Streamliner" product.
AOL will continue to offer its dial-up access subscription service, but will no longer aggressively market it.
To further extend the end-to-end, one-stop solution that AOL Pictures offers digital photography enthusiasts, the company also announced new features available for consumers: