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AOL BUILD will open its doors at 692 Broadway this Fall with an all-star line-up to be announced.
Rojas said that "more details about how we got here and why bringing gdgt to AOL makes sense" will be forthcoming.
Armstrong, a former Google executive, has been trying to turn AOL into a go-to place for a wide variety of news since he was hired to turn around the company in April 2009 while it was still a part of Time Warner.
With these losses as a backdrop, AOL is attempting to re-invent itself.
The following equations set the expected returns of an investment in AOL and an investment in TWX equal to the risk-free rate.
AOL announced the formation of MediaGlow in January, centralizing AOL's publishing efforts with the goal of expanding AOL's efforts to reach targeted audiences and expanding AOL's global reach.
"New York City is the center of advertising, so it makes perfect sense to locate our corporate headquarters here," said Randy Falco, chairman and CEO of AOL. "With the increasing fragmentation of online audiences, the best way to serve advertisers is to enable them to harness massive advertising networks that reach across the entire Internet, not just our AOL Web sites." The network, called Platform A, will incorporate three recent AOL acquisitions: ADTECH, a global ad serving platform; Third Screen Media, a mobile phone/network company; and Tacoda, a behavioral online advertising agency.
For example, when check ing video or other media, a pane with a built-in media player takes up most of the space, but users still get smaller panes above and to the side showing new mail, instant messaging chats and small, thumbnail versions of Web pages they have open, and unlike previous versions of AOL's all-in-one software, users won't have to sign in until they need to access a specific service like e-mail.
"This is good for consumers and businesses," says Ted Leonsis, AOL's vice chairman.
In early April, AOL announced that it is retiring the name America Online after 15 years and that the company is now officially known as AOL.
Other sites with book club discussion forums include AOL Black Voices and Sybil's Book Club on BlackAmericaWeb,
"AOL is thrilled that Mary Cheney is joining us in a position where she'll be reporting to [Vice Chairman] Ted Leonsis," spokes man Nicholas Graham told The Advocate.