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Will the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI) take up the matter with the FBR to revise the tax slab on property rental income in line with AOP so that filers in this category also stand relieved of heavy tax burden by getting benefit of recent adjustments in tax rates?
AOP shall award cash prizes in the range of USD 1000-2000 upfront to successful applicants for designing their projects.
AOP has supplied its products not only to Japanese OEM auto-manufactures in Indonesia but also to wholesale and retail markets through its sales network.
AOP members and OT subscribers can update their preferences at
Cardiome chief commercial officer Karim Lalji said that the company is happy to expand its relationship with AOP Orphan to include AGGRASTAT in addition to BRINAVESS.
The AOP Orphan countries include: Austria; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Latvia; Lithuania; Montenegro; Macedonia; Poland; Romania; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Switzerland; and Ukraine.
I am excited to compete to win the $5,000 reward from AOP, said Judy Leonard, a U.S.
The AOP will be targeting national, regional and online press alongside a regional outdoor advertising campaign.
Former AOP Board chair, Kevin Thompson, told OT: "I think it is a very good snapshot of the key items of interest that the AOP is representing members on at the moment, however it will never be complete," he shared.
The AOP has created an online General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) tool to help members in England audit their GOS claims.
The AOP has announced its new designated Council members.
Nominations for the AOP Awards 2020 are now open with organisations and individuals encouraged to put themselves forward.