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Windows RT will be the version of the Windows software which for the first time ever will run on the ARM chip architecture which is popular on smartphones and tablet devices.
ARM chips should also be cheaper than Intel or AMD, which means cheaper machines.
According to Richman: "I don't know exactly when, but sooner or later, Macs will run on Apple-designed ARM chips." It may have been a long time since Richmand wrote his piece but it has become relevant now.
ARM chips are the more popular choice for use in tablets, and other than a number of Windows 8 tablets, devices using x86/x64 chips (Intel's processor architecture of choice) are scarce.
As per the reports, TSMC and ARM have entered a multi-year agreement to extend ongoing collaboration beyond the realm of 20-nanometer (nm) technology and deliver ARM chips on FinFET transistors.
Microsoft may not be able to sell tablets running Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 for machines with power-sipping ARM chips, for less than $599, said Bob O'Donnell, an analyst at IDC, in an interview.
The S4 chips are using the 28-nanometre process, which is the latest technology for ARM chips. Previous Snapdragons were made using the 40-nm process, but the newer, 28-nm S4 chips are faster and more power-efficient.
Intel is hoping that the new devices catch on quickly since it is largely frozen out of the burgeoning market for tablet computers and smartphones, most of which run on ARM chips that are considered more power efficient.
In the market for ARM chips used in tablet PCs, TSMC now fills as much as 70% with its 40/45nm and 55/65nm process technologies.
<p>Nevertheless, Dell's move on Tuesday to use Arm chips in its latest business offering, the Latitude Z, raises the possibility of the processor architecture being used in more laptops.The Arm processor is a secondary CPU that sits alongside an Intel low-voltage CPU intended to run Windows-based applications.
3Com Corp Friday announced a strategic partnership with embedded processor maker ARM Holdings Plc that will see the networking giant embed ARM chips in its next generation of network interface cards (NICs).
While Meltdown is an Intel Specific flaw affecting processors dating back a decade, the Spectre bug will affect almost everything running Intel, AMD, and ARM chips. You seriously need to update your PC and browsers.