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The ARS Water Database is a collection of rainfall, runoff, and air temperature data collected by ARS over the last 50 years.
Brad Bennett, FINRA Executive Vice President and Chief of Enforcement, said, "SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and SunTrust Investment Services withheld information about the ARS market which prevented their sales representatives from making proper recommendations and their customers from making informed decisions about ARS.
A major new focus for ARS research is developing both biological (enzymatic) and thermal combustion methods to convert plant cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin to bioenergy, fuels, and other value-added products.
The original ARS has previously demonstrated validity for measuring competitive state anxiety in intramural athletes (Cox, Russell, & Robb, 1999).
The ARS team also is attempting to develop formulas for customizing PAM administration to different soils, furrow lengths, field slopes, and irrigation-water velocities.
FINRA also found that Jefferies committed several other violations in connection with its ARS business, including exercising discretion without written authority; failing to deliver official statements in connection with purchases of municipal new issue ARS; using misleading ARS advertising and marketing materials; selling restricted (Rule 144A) ARS to a customer that was not qualified to buy them; failing to implement an information barrier with a customer; deficiently completing order tickets for ARS trades; and, failing to establish and maintain an adequate supervisory system, including written supervisory procedures, relating to the operation of the CCM group and its preparation and use of advertising and sales material for ARS.
But while ARS often provides the scientific basis for regulation-making, the agency itself is neither a regulatory nor a policy-setting agency.
After the sale to UBS, the company continues to hold ARS with a fair value of $3.
In addition, ARS scientists at other locations across the country focus on developing new foods and food ingredients that may help solve the obesity problem.
The ARS team has since demonstrated nickel's vital role in other plants and has identified functions beyond the liberation of nitrogen.
FINRA Found HSBC Sold ARS After Increased Risk Became Apparent; Both Firms Voluntarily Bought Back Over $700 Million in ARS from Customers
In the 50 years since then, ARS has been a significant contributor to agricultural progress.