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Blast Create SA and Blast Fusion SA include advanced physical synthesis technology that handles complex and specific physical-site constraints created by structured ASIC architectures.
Future design kits featuring products from ASIC Advantage and IXYS will continue to draw upon the unique strengths and capabilities of IXYS and ASIC Advantage.
eASIC offers breakthrough Programmable ASIC products including Configurable Logic and Structured ASIC, aimed at dramatically reducing the overall fabrication cost and time of customized high-performance semiconductor chips.
Designers can make changes without re-spins, which greatly reduces engineering, bill of materials and inventory costs as compared to ASIC approaches.
We were very impressed with Oki Semiconductor's ASIC team capabilities and are looking forward to their contributions to our worldwide ASIC business," said Amnon Fisher, ChipX's President and CEO.
After reaffirming its intentions to continue being a major player in the ASIC market in November, 2002, this alliance with SLE adds further credence to the seriousness of TI's commitment," said Jerry Worchel, senior analyst for In-Stat/MDR.
Hence, there has been a direct impact on the ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA markets.
With this announcement, a certain portion of these gates, generally between 20,000 and 100,000, though as high as 400,000 ASIC gates, could be dedicated to one or more of the FPGA cores on the ASIC.
Over the last 34 years, AMI has remained a leading ASIC supplier committed to providing the best total solutions that employ the latest digital and analog capabilities.
Also, the level of integration with mixed signal IP and the exact customer's configuration may not be available in a Structured ASIC.
Based on feedback from our customers and prototyping board partners, we believe there is dramatic growth in the use of FPGA-based prototyping for ASIC verification," said John Gallagher, director of outbound marketing at Synplicity.
The CX6200 family of USB enabled Structured ASIC products offers from 140K to 1820K usable ASIC-equivalent logic gates, up to 1800Kb of memory, and up to 350 fully configurable IO.