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In addition to QPT and CPM enhancements, the automated DesignWare Conversion and automated Gated Clock Conversion features allow designers to use the ASIC RTL as is, without requiring manual changes.
0 Hi Speed OTG compliance certification for CX6200 products, our customers benefit more than ever before from the unique integration benefit that ChipX offers to ASIC designers," said Wouter Suverkropp, Director of Marketing at ChipX.
HAPS is the ideal platform for customers of Tensilica's popular Diamond Standard processors to use to prototype and verify their ASIC designs, as well as get a head start in generating embedded software," stated Lars-Eric Lundgren, president of HARDI Electronics.
ASIC Architect focuses on developing high-quality Serial ATA IP and solutions.
With the Iridium Edition, we created a very handy prototyping system for ASIC and IP designers of medium design sizes that provides extensive design debugging capabilities and an easy to use verification system.
The ChipX CX6100 Development Kit provides an ideal prototyping environment by supplying a development board with a CX6159 Structured ASIC containing the ChipX PCIe PHY and PIPE Gasket Logic and an Altera Stratix FPGA.
Not only did HAPS allow C2 Microsystems to achieve first pass silicon with one tape-out and one mask set, but it also allowed them to show a working prototype to potential investors and early customers, long before there was any ASIC.
As a member of the Silterra Design Community, Key ASIC brings a lot of value to our customers by complementing our process and manufacturing capabilities with their design expertise to jointly provide customers with top-quality silicon through a seamless turnkey solution.
In addition to the design aspect of the KeySoC(TM) Platform, Key ASIC provides customers a one-stop design-to-manufacture service, having formed extensive partner relationships with top semiconductor foundries.
This brings additional off-the-shelf alternatives to those designers contemplating a Structured ASIC solution.
ASIC product backlog to ChipX and has contracted the completion of the ongoing customer designs to ChipX.
At the leading edge of semiconductor manufacturing, the linkage between process technology and design is increasingly critical, requiring much higher levels of collaboration and customer interaction than have been offered by traditional ASIC vendors.