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The ATABeast includes dual active/active ATA RAID controllers with failover/ failback.
LSI Logic Serial ATA RAID adapters are proven to be effective in markets requiring sequential transactions such as video streaming and CAD applications for Web, email file servers and nearline networked storage environments.
According to LSI Logic, it is ensuring viable and interoperable Serial ATA RAID solutions by collaborating with Serial ATA drive makers on extensive compatibility testing programs.
The most salient reliability problem in the ATA RAID arena is the nearly universal use of write back caching in all ATA implementations, even those driven by hardware RAID solutions.
Though performance enhancement is helpful, the use of write-back caching in ATA RAID implementations presents at least two severe reliability drawbacks.
Recently, the quality and feature set of ATA RAID offered by various vendors has improved over what was available just two years ago.
In 1999, GartnerGroup Dataquest stated that ATA RAID gained a definite share of the overall host-based RAID controller market.