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I sprayed the surveillance camera with black spray and used a screw driver to open the ATM machine.
In February, the gang stole an ATM machine from Dibba Al Fujairah, which contained Dh753,100 and a money deposit machine that belonged to a telecommunication company, which contained Dh14,500.
Two men were seen in a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage believed to be installing the device on one of the ATM machines at around 11 p.
They tried ripping the ATM machine out but they didn't manage it because it is so well rooted to the floor.
The three were arrested after burning down an ATM machine belonging to NBB in Naim on October 3, 2015.
Patrols attended, spoke to staff at the store and checks were made on other ATM machines in the area.
Brigadier Hamad Ajlan Al Amimi, Director of the Al Ain Police and Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police, said that the police operations room received a call in the early hours of Thursday reporting the incident saying some masked men were attempting to steal an ATM machine belonging to a bank.
The 41-year-old Sri Lankan guard is believed to have stolen Dh8,000 from an ATM machine at the bank's branch in Al Khor area.
Robbers bought the ATM machine from a legitimate manufacturer but only used it to dupe customers to reveal their bankcard details, the China Daily reported.
He is also suspected to be behind an attempt to burn an ATM machine in another part of the city on Saturday.
A MAN who swiped EUR71,000 from an unlocked ATM machine was banged up yesterday for three years.