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The establishment of ATN routes can easily turn into enduring local distribution networks that connect communities and villages across the many provinces, promoting economic development.
In addition, the ATN 905 OAM (operations, administration and management) functions can be used to monitor Ethernet faults, allowing operators to quickly locate problems in VIP private-line services, according to Huawei.
The partnership between VTC and PPTV ATN is a showcase of how Microsoft Windows Azure can support ATN's innovation, efficiency and sustainable growth in the global market," says George Yan, General Manager, Windows Azure Division, Microsoft China.
Separately, ATN also announced today that its Commnet Wireless subsidiary recently completed two acquisitions of wireless roaming operations located in Northeast Missouri and Central Arizona.
The channel will also offer live cricket commentary from ATN, Canada's largest distributor of World Class Cricket.
The firm was founded in 2000 by Ted Buerger and Mike Kelly, now president of AOL Media Networks and an ATN board member.
Cure Autism Now and ATN share a commitment to the biomedical treatment of autism and a belief that a better quality of life is possible for those affected by this developmental brain disorder.
ATN paid slightly less than $59 million to complete the acquisition, including the repayment of approximately $5.
ATN said GT&T provides service to over 60,000 customers.
Post-acquisition, Commnet will become a subsidiary of ATN and will continue to be managed by Brian Schuchman and his management team.
Security is crucial within the ATN to prevent hackers from injecting fake messages into the system and deceiving aircraft into making maneuvers that have not been requested by controllers.