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The report cited numerous bureaucratic impediments to catching AWOL Afghans.
Went AWOL June 2005 to resist Iraq deployment and has lived in Canada since.
In its defense, AWOL USA, the machine's American distributor, quotes a British Health Department official's conclusion that using the vaporizer is no more dangerous than "consuming an equivalent amount of alcohol in an equivalent time period in a more traditional way.
5173), which would place a temporary ban on AWOL machines and prohibit the sale of any AWOL machines without pre-approval.
Vaughn went back to his tank platoon; Simone went AWOL.
PERSCOM officials said, too, that the number of soldiers who go AWOL could be considerably higher, because the cases of soldiers who are AWOL less than 30 days are not included in the statistics.
Not satisfied with the visionary and the genius, the '70s art world began marketing a new line of action hero, a kind of AWOL G.
The military is currently validating reports that an Army Captain who went on AWOL (absent without official leave) in 2008 has joined the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and was recently killed in Patikul, Sulu.
HUNDREDS of military personnel who have gone AWOL in the past nine years are still missing.
Tevez is currently AWOL in Argentina after refusing to return to Manchester to train.
According to the Ministry of Defense, among the 465 convictions there were sex attacks, cases of soldiers going AWOL and some were caught in possession of drugs, the Daily Mail reports.