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At first, we did nothing, abashedly commenting after Mass that we couldn't figure out when or how to get the bow in.
Still, what does he mean by implying that a form of faith is "abashedly" Catholic?
So Bentham abashedly sketches a fallback plan, never fully developed, whereby judges would "declare openly" the need for judicial "alteration" of a statute in appropriate cases, and certify a proposed emendation to the legislature; the emendation would have legal force unless "negatived" or vetoed by the legislature within a certain time.
I remember, abashedly, telling my mother when I had my first wet dream when I was twelve.
The pain inflicter is invariably present and accounted for onstage, and sometimes this person admits, abashedly, to inflicting the ruin: cheating, leaving, abusing, or murdering.
The next day, an official from the White House and another from the AEC flew up to explain to Ching somewhat abashedly that some of those he had recommended were politically unacceptable and that none of them had been cleared with the proper authorities in the Republican Party.
Moreover, by focusing on the prosecution and demolition of his political enemies while abashedly favoring friends, cronies, and party mates with favors, employment, and contracts, Pres.
We blush to abashedly cite some of themall of the Kardashian clan's trendy and tacky reality programs, the "Real Housewives" and "Big Rich Texas" "stylish" shockeroos, RuPaul's crossdressing capers, some smarmy teleseryes, the T3 newscasts, most "Jersey Shore"type snookywookies, ridiculously rough and tough nature shows like "Mountain Men," and survival challenges with participants cavorting about, naked as the day they were born (too many years ago)!
On the contrary: Here, the aesthetic rigor of Wearing's rocksteady camera--it neither voyeuristically follows nor abashedly turns away from these unlovely subjects-means showing things as they are, unblinkingly, without sentimentality or condemnation, excuses or moralism.
Or, as my saintly housekeeper, reflecting rural wisdom, abashedly said, "It takes money to buy good whiskey."