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nDavid Elsworth sent out Lilli Claire to win her second Epsom Listed race of the season in the Air Movement Group Fortune Stakes, but then revealed that she would have gone instead for a similar race at Sandown a fortnight ago but for a mental abberation on his part, writes Graham Dench.
Was the performance an abberation - the result of a difficult five-game stretch against Stanford, the Arizona schools, USC and Duke?
But then a new age of strong and incorruptible foreign officials seemed to be ushered in, led by the steely-eyed Pierluigi Collina (forget his Villarreal abberation, even the best can make one mistake).
In short, there can be no defending Seaman after last night's abberation.
That result was a bit of an abberation because they only conceded five more goals throughout the qualifying campaign, but still there is a feeling abroad that Germany's defence could be there for the plundering.
But this was a solitary abberation from the striker, for there was much to admire about his performance.
Yet he believes Wednesday's dismissal was not merely an abberation, a slip of the halo or another case of myopic referees.
15) Ibrulj (2002) studying the effects of oxazepam to cells of Allium cepa's root noted that this drug shows a number of mutagenic and cytotoxic effects manifested in the form of mitotic, cytological and chromosomal abberations.
This issue of pollution is further aggravated by natural hazards, which have become unpredictable due to abberations in the weather pattern," said Legarda who chairs the Senate Committee on Climate Change.
Here the genetics of leiomyomata and the current understanding of cytogenetic abberations and gene expression with respect to their contributions to the development of these tumors is summarized.