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Even the name of the executioner, Abhorson, which jams together "abhor" and "whoreson," suggests both "ab [from] whore / whore's son" and "abhors whores.
Furthermore, the exchange between Pompey and Abhorson (4.
To prove his claim that hanging men constitutes a "mystery," a professional craft, Abhorson tells Pompey, "Every true man's apparel fits your thief.
Since the Clown would clearly not call toward the door from which Abhorson has just entered, either the door opposite it or the central opening between the two doors would represent Barnardine's cell.
Vincentio Joe Morton Escalus Herb Foster Angelo Billy Crudup Lucio John Pankow Mistress Overdone/ Francisca Julia Gibson Pompey Christopher Evan Welch Claudio Daniel Pino Juliet Cote de Pablo Provost Christopher Donahue Friar Peter Robert Colston Isabella Sanaa Lathan Elbow Tom Aulino Froth Daniel Pearce Justice/Barnardine Traber Burns Boy Dennis Michael Hall Mariana Felicity Jones Abhorson Glenn Fleshier
In Angelo's sterile legalism the product of sex is death, but sex and death are conflated in the Duke's original law and in the means for fulfilling it, the executioner Abhorson.
Abhorson, the hangman, a man of rather macabre humor.
Bassett Angelo Richard Thomas Lucio David Dukes Mistress Overdone Patti Allison Pompey George Dzundza Claudio Hamish Linklater Julietta Jennifer Dundas Lowe Provost Charles Janasz Friar Peter Mark Deakins Isabella Anna Gunn Elbow Ted Rooney Froth David Manis Mariana Cindy Katz Abhorson Stoney Westmoreland Barnadine Peter Francis James
With Mark Rylance (Vincentio), Liam Brennan (Angelo), Michael Bertenshaw (Escalus), Alex Hassell (Claudio), Colin Hurley (Lucio), Patrick Brennan (Provost), Roger Watkins (Friar Thomas, Elbow), Christopher John Hall (Friar Peter, Abhorson, Second Gentleman), Peter Shorey (Justice, Mistress Overdone), Roger McKern (Froth, First Gentleman, Barnadine), John Dougall (Pompey), Liana Wearer (Varrius), Sophie Thompson (Isabella), Hilary Tones (Mariana, Nun), and Liana Wearer (Juliet).
With David Troughton (Vincentio), Mike Grady (Escalus), Paul Rhys (Angelo), Toby Jones (Lucio), Tamzin Griffin (Mistress Overdone), Richard Katz (Pompey), Ben Meyjes (Claudio), Angus Wright (Provost), Steven Crossley (Friar Peter), Naomi Frederick (Isabella), Cait Davis (Francisca), Kostas Philippoglou (Elbow), Clive Mendus (Froth, Abhorson, First Gentleman), Meredith MacNeill (Mariana), Johannes Flaschberger (Barnardine), and others.
However, we lost the comic dialogue between Pompey and the executioner Abhorson, who appeared only momentarily (in a George W.