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It will be shown that the maternal character examined in this chapter abjects her very own daughter.
And again, as much as she abjects Sophie, Martine also wishes for her:
Sophie, on her part, also subconsciously abjects her mother, as shown in the way she distances herself from food when the thought of being reunited with her mother crops up:
The word abject is used in many different ways within Kristeva's theory and through subsequent discussions and adaptations of it.
I expel myself, I spit myself out, I abject myself within the same motion through which "I" claim to establish myself .
The visceral nature of her reaction to the abject parallels the visceral response of the mothers who abject their daughters.
Special emphasis will be placed on the representation of trauma through repression and silence, whereby I will establish links with the Kristevan notion of the abject.
My proposal here will be to establish a connection between Ali Smith's text and Julia Kristeva's suggestion of 'purification' of the abject through the Logos.
The word which, just like its speaker (Sara's ghost), becomes abject, rejected; the abject word and the abject speaker, both "jettisoned object[s]" which are "radically excluded and draw.
The abject has the power of horror, the horror which leads the subject to reject it because it does not want to recognize it as part of itself.
The whole first section of the book is a constant reminder of the fall inside the dumbwaiter, the subsequent death of Sara, and the traumatic consequences of such an abject death:
5) Attention is always directed to what is not on the page: punctuation marks, words, Sara's body, all have crushed, disappeared, been made abject and, in the process, been made strange and reappeared: "Seeing birds.