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The word abject is used in many different ways within Kristeva's theory and through subsequent discussions and adaptations of it.
I expel myself, I spit myself out, I abject myself within the same motion through which "I" claim to establish myself .
The visceral nature of her reaction to the abject parallels the visceral response of the mothers who abject their daughters.
Sophie's entrance into the role of abject in her mother's life remains a tangible result of her removal from the loving care of her othermother, Tante Atie.
At the intersection of these borders, Johnston's novel positions a narrative of file North, which surfaces as a hated and polluting object--that is to say, an abject, in the terms defined by Julia Kristeva.
Kristeva signals in her Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection (1982) that 'abjection is above all ambiguity'; (4) the abject is that which 'does not respect borders, positions, rules' because it constitutes the 'inbetween, the ambiguous, the composite' (p.
For Kristeva, the abject marks a primary separation from the (m)other:
Here, the North emerges as a focal narrative: an abject that governs the dynamics of the novel as a whole.