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The abomination of flowers, or representations of well-known objects of any kind, should not be endured within the limits of Christendom.
In truth all that night had been the abomination of desolation to me.
He had told his hearers that he was altogether vile, a viler companion of the vilest, the worst of sinners, an abomination, a thing of unimaginable iniquity, and that the only wonder was that they did not see his wretched body shrivelled up before their eyes by the burning wrath of the Almighty
uf; ``for by the blessed rood, which is the abomination of thy accursed tribe, thou shalt feel the extremities of fire and steel
This was a sore abomination to the honest captain, who held their literary pretensions in great contempt.
Lynde wouldn't go; she said horse racing was an abomination and, she being a church member, thought it her bounden duty to set a good example by staying away.
And, beneath the show of a marble palace, that pool of stagnant water, foul with many impurities, and, perhaps, tinged with blood,--that secret abomination, above which, possibly, he may say his prayers, without remembering it,--is this man's miserable soul!
But since I have been enlightened as a born-again Christian, I realized these are all abominations before the Almighty God.
But now Dave has gone back to his roots with the album United Abominations which he'll be showcasing at Birmingham's Carling Academy next Friday.
All the parties have started again to be armed as if we had gone back more than 20 years and learned nothing from the tragedies, abominations and difficulties that we went through," said Cardinal Nasrallah P.
Quinn's stately abominations are totems of disfigurement, of the degradation of the flesh, of the absence of structure and meaning.