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It is a tiny, tentative, shuffling step toward limited, conditional inclusion of Aboriginal people in the legislative process.
John Borrows (2) writes about Aboriginal legal issues and perspectives at a dynamic and, he suggests, critical time in the history of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada.
Approximately 100,000 Aboriginal people live in Australia.
While RCAP proposes a re-definition of the community of Canadian citizenship, Cairns proposes a means to include Aboriginal individuals more fully in an already-existing community of Canadian citizens, one that many Aboriginals consider illeg itimate.
For the first time in its history, the diocese of Toronto will hire an aboriginal priest.
Discussion of health care revealed that many aboriginals do not know the extent of the benefits available to them.
Statistical evidence clearly indicates the under-participation of Aboriginals in education at all levels.
My intention here is not to criticise the non-Aboriginals who work in Aboriginal organisations, nor indeed their Aboriginal employers.
In the employment field, 40,300 Aboriginals are part of the work force, a growth of 152 per cent compared to 2001.
On more than one occasion the passenger train service between our two largest cities has been suspended because the Aboriginals blocked the Canadian National's main line in an effort to force the government to launch an "inquiry" into the alleged disappearances.
Businesses at least 50 per cent owned by Aboriginals and have Aboriginal interests represented in the management and operations are able to register and profile the details of their business for free.
The Aboriginal population is younger than the general population as result of a birth rate almost twice that of non-Aboriginals.