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The data suggest that the great majority of the victims were almost certainly killed by fellow Aboriginals, either male or female, a fact that tends to be downplayed or denied by most of those people who demand an inquiry.
A web-based directory to make it easy for people to connect with Aboriginal businesses and increase Aboriginal participation in the Western Australian workforce was officially launched today by the State Government.
The Aboriginal organizations piloting the project have a long established history in Edmonton not only working with Aboriginal people but also working with other organizations, such as municipal and provincial governments, school boards, Edmonton City Police and the Children's Aid Services, which provide services to Aboriginals.
It helps if you've got superior firepower, too, but as far as the colonizing of the upper half of Turtle Island is concerned the decimation of Aboriginal societies was successful in large part because of the sexism that was infused into them under the laws of European colonists.
Poor food choices and snacking between meals are the main reasons why young Aboriginal women are more likely to become overweight compared to their non-Aboriginal counterparts.
I visited personally a number of federal institutions and have spent time with aboriginals themselves individually and in groups in the institutions," he said in the House of Commons.
Richards presents data showing that the incidence of suicide and diabetes is significantly higher among the third of the aboriginal population who live on reserves than among off-reserve aboriginals.
Even those who move to cities for economic reasons are way behind their non-Aboriginal counterparts: in 1995, the median income was 40 percent higher among off-reserve Aboriginals compared with those on reserve, but their incomes still were about 60 percent less than those of non-Aboriginals.
Working with communities to get Aboriginals into the workforce will supply the need for the labour market.
Given the entrenched nature of these social divisions, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders face an uphill battle as they attempt to redefine their position in the Australian social class hierarchy.
Arguably, there are now more non-Aboriginals working to 'empower' Aboriginals than ever before.