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P Brookside (Letters, September 1) challenges H Williams to tell the 24 million white Australians that they are not true Australians as compared to the Aborigines. The disgraceful treatment meted to the Aborigines is well documented.
Up to 2002 (the date of the report) no male Aborigine had represented Australia at cricket.
I've often thought about that poor Aborigine woman, God bless her.
Denisovans, an ancient sister group of Neandertals previously identified via DNA taken from a finger bone excavated in Siberia's Denisova Cave, contributed a small portion of genes to living New Guineans, Australian Aborigines, two aboriginal groups in the Philippines and populations on several nearby islands, say geneticist David Reich of Harvard Medical School and his colleagues.
'Fried aborigine' has appeared on menus throughout the world, in Thai, Chinese and Armenian establishments and apparently spellcheck is to blame.
She also befriends one of the most celebrated Aborigine women in Australia, 71-year-old Peggy Patrick, to discover she is the only Australian to be awarded the Order of Australia and, at the same time, registered homeless.
Are The Netherlands the home of the Shau Aborigines living at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan?
WE LOVE YOU Girl gives Wills a cuddle SUPPORTERS Fans yesterday and, below, he kisses admirer MY HEIR-O He visits aborigine families in Sydney
Besides, Aborigines are used to being talked about rather than talked to, are they not?
The apology is for more than 100 years of taking Aborigine children from their families and forcing them into institutions away from their homes.
Taiwanese Aborigine, Encyclopedia, WordIQ.com www.wordiq.com/definition/Taiwanese aborigine This Web site introduces Taiwan's aboriginal tribes.
The Dream pictures are "dot" paintings, covering a composition that represents the Aborigine culture and their tribal villages.