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ABORTUS. The fruit of an abortion; the child born before its time, incapable of life. See Abortion; Birth; Breath; Dead born; Gestation; Life.

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abortus showed more homogeneity in their amino acid sequence of SodCs.
abortus in all years and for Leptospira, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine viral diarrhea virus, parainfluenza-3 virus, and bovine respiratory syncytial virus in 2005 (n = 20).
Gelismis ultrasonografik tekniklerle prenatal surecte taninabilir ve aileyle gorusulerek terapotik abortus secilebilir.
The most important organisms are Chlamydophila abortus, toxoplasma and listeria.
The female neonate, described in the same letter as a stillborn fetus, an abortus, and as a premature infant, immaturus fructus, lived only long enough to receive, in quick succession, baptism and last rites.
Likewise, normal results were obtained on tests for mononucleosis, cat-scratch fever, toxoplasmosis, human immunodeficiency virus, purified protein derivative, antinuclear antibody (ANA), anti-DNA B-cell antibodies, antistreptolysin O, hepatitis, parvovirus B 19, HLA-B27, Brucella abortus, and uric acid.
Live organisms with characteristics of bioterrorism agents are sent for identification including specific attenuated strains of B anthracis, Y pestis, F tularensis, and Brucella abortus.
Beberapa Perbandingan Corak Penderita Abortus di Rumah Sakit Dr.
It is caused by infection with the bacteria Brucella abortus, and is characterised by abortion after the fifth month of pregnancy.
Research on immunizing bison, elk, and other animals in the wild against Brucella abortus, the microbe that causes brucellosis, is essential to agriculture because cattle can get the disease through close contact with infected wildlife.
Brucella abortus, 7-21 days Fever, chills, sweating, B.