above suspicion

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Alexey Alexandrovitch sternly cut her short, roundly declaring his wife to be above suspicion, and from that time began to avoid Countess Lidia Ivanovna.
"They were strictly fresh and above suspicion," said Billina.
"By the oaths of citizens whose simple word is above suspicion, we have fastened this awful crime, beyond all possibility of question, upon the unhappy prisoner at the bar.
The investments, of course, are all above suspicion."
Inchbare's bones are above suspicion!) It was a long business, Blanche.
"Your legal rights are not above suspicion, my friend," replied Tarzan, "and your power to enforce your commands are only apparent--not real.
Their indignation would be above suspicion, no material interests being openly at stake, and it will alarm every selfishness of the class which should be impressed.
d'Artagnan and to certain others whose fidelity to the king was far above suspicion.
Do you look upon governesses as creatures above suspicion or necessarily of moral perfection?
He wanted her to know that here too his conduct should be above suspicion.
I feel myself as far above suspicion as Caesar's wife."
"If our hospitality does not place Miss Lindsay above suspicion, the more shame for us.