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The headline in the state's largest newspaper, front page, above the fold, read: "Del.
Kayakers can now compare hotel results from the following views: -- Traditional List View displays more hotels above the fold than any other travel site.
Present information in the order that is most useful with important information located above the fold so it can be found quickly.
Now, roughly 15 years later, we rarely pick up the paper and expect to see ourselves above the fold.
Yellowing in a vitrine just inside the entrance, the front page of Klein's Dimanche features the legendary photograph above the fold.
At this point, I tell the students that all drawing and painting will be done above the fold line.
TIP: Most people have their computer monitors set to 800 x 600 pixels so when you are checking to see if your contact information is above the fold, make sure your monitor is on that setting as well.
If this morning's effort is an indication, that story won't be above the fold on the front page; in fact, it may end up struggling for space in the food section.
Yes, when that story appears in The New York Times--and for maximum exposure--front-page, right column, above the fold.
The following lead appeared above the fold on the front page of a leading national newspaper:
it must appear on Page 5 in its entirety above the fold In an article that we published on March 13 we reported that health chiefs were to investigate allegations that a paediatric surgeon at the University Hospital of Wales, Simon Huddart, had cancelled an operation on a sick toddler, claiming that he was not being paid enough by the NHS.
16, the Times printed its first front-page color photographs -- victorious Cleveland Indians above the fold, a pensive U.