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We then place a large and attention-grabbing photo under the headline and split it over the fold, showing 2 inches of the photo above the fold.
above the fold: The content on a webpage that is visible without scrolling.
Ads just above the fold have the highest viewability
Above the fold on the left-hand side is the latest chapter in the continuing saga of Catholic Priest sexual molestation, this time the central character is Cardinal Roger Mahony who presided over the Los Angeles Diocese for many years.
So, include a strong CTA in your emails, preferably near the top or "above the fold."
Following the recent layout changes, only four featured tabs remain 'above the fold' on your Facebook page - to see all tabs, visitors to your page have to click the little down arrow on the right side of the tab section to expand the section.
Well, it seems Chilton read an article in the New York Times--"page one above the fold"!--detailing the financial support given to the gay-marriage campaign.
At a time when environmental issues are covered above the fold, it has been no surprise to see more stakeholders focusing on sustainability on campus --through programming, through curriculum, through building green.
Watch This Space: In April, La Salle University in Philadelphia demanded that an embarrassing story about a business prof who'd hired exotic dancers for a class not run above the fold in the Collegian.
The Fold, Above the Fold or Above the Crease were names given by the design industry - specifically the print design industry - to describe the top-half of a newspaper.
Even more rare to put it above the fold. But above the paper's nameplate?
Could have been the story above the fold: "HCAS franchise questioned by JPs."