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The most relevant features of the website should be above the fold because it enhances the user experience.
The new design showcases more articles above the fold, and an improved drop down navigation which make it easier for visitors to find and access the information they seek.
All tabs but the "Photos" tab can be moved, so display important tabs above the fold.
When his then-partner picked up a copy in London, she initially saw only his photograph above the fold and thought he'd been killed.
It should have been on the front page above the fold.
16, the Sunday Post arrived, with the lead article above the fold on the front page about peanut allergies.
If you can imagine what it is to wake up on Sunday morning, you have got 20 of your family members coming to lunch, and you are above the fold in a place typically reserved for terrorists and cars that have been bombed, it's very unsettling," Ringgold said.