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This can really make a difference in the absense of a support system.
He reiterated that the Qatari troops at the Southern border of Saudi Arabia are regarded the best military forces of that country and the plot organizers believed that their absense in Qatar would weaken Qatar's defense system and make their mission easier.
When she learned about the President's absense from the summit, Aquino said she asked her brother, former President Aquino, if she should push through with the event.
The second round of dialogue session took place in the presence of Speaker Berri's Political Aide, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, Foreign and Exaptriates Minister, Jibran Bassil, along with MP Hikmat Dib representing "Change and Reform" head General Michel Aoun, in the absense of Progressive Socialist Party head MP Walid Jumbaltt, who was represented by MP Ghazi Aridi.
One thing however was common - that is the absense of the will of adaptability.
In Larsen's absense, and out of respect for his memory, I have made only the most minimal changes necessary to accommodate our house style, etc.
This fully equipped turn key operation has a knowledgeable staff in place that can operate the business in the owners absense. The already profitable operation can be expanded with a marketing approach that doesn't involve high pressure sales.
James' absense is at a tough time and when you're struggling, you're tempted to try new things.
The absense of Rangers from the top tier has prompted some observers to label the successes as "devalued".
In their absense, defending champion Gaultier will look to keep his winning streak going in the 11th edition of the PSA World Series event, which begins today at the Khalifa Tennis & Squash Complex here.
Last year, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke became the first British winner since the race - first run in 1945 - was brought back in 2004 with a new name and format after a five year absense.
Nicolas Anelka brings experience but what Albion gain with his arrival they lose with the absense of Romelu Lukaku.