absolute certainty

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He added: "We can't say with absolute certainty quite when she suffered the injuries, but there's a possibility she was attacked up to 12 hours before she was found.
What he thought he was doing or what he intended I don't know, but I cannot say with absolute certainty that his intention was to take his own life.
Although we acknowledge that future progress depends on many disparate groups, we can say with absolute certainty that the interests of the Baloch people and the cause of the missing will suffer a terrible blow if harm is done to John.
It looks like he might be out for three to four weeks, but it's too early to say with absolute certainty how long he will be out for.
What it was, I believe, was an absolute certainty that gays were neither sick nor sinful but as worthy as any straight, even when some of the rest of us who had felt beaten down by society weren't so sure.
But there is absolute certainty about the result of our presence--escalating deaths on all sides.
Since so little is known with absolute certainty about Minoan Crete, all speculations are constructed with minute attention to detail and supporting evidence.
Such flexibility extended to settling arrears "immediately prior to the award of the contract", although such a rule should be clarified "with absolute certainty and made public".
These are interesting, but there is a certain 'here-we-go-again' feeling induced by the absolute certainty of Jencks' arguments: the latest scientific evidence is always taken as being the last word.
House took a decidedly different approach for public consumption, warning in a September 1919 address in Omaha that "I can predict with absolute certainty there will be another war" if the Senate rejects the league.