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This was equipped with two opposing ultrasound sensors, a pressure sensor and a thermocouple to determine the absolute pressure pKM and the compound temperature [T.
User-selectable control modes allow users to switch quickly between mass flow, volumetric flow and absolute pressure measurement and control for maximum flexibility.
2] and PM), speed, intake air temperature (T), engine rpm, and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) at the air intake were measured.
where p is the absolute pressure, V the volume of the system, R the universal gas constant, and T the absolute temperature.
Absolute pressure sensors were installed for measuring the low and high absolute pressures of the refrigeration system and the pressure at the evaporator inlet.
After the last-minute defeat against Frickley it's an absolute pressure game ( and one we must win," he said.
The VAOI callorator is used to accurately measure gauge, differential or absolute pressure.
Other complicating factors are the airflow's absolute pressure and temperature, since these conditions will cause vacuum pressure and air density to vary.
As of the early 2000s, the scope of commercialized applications for MEMS remained limited, consisting primarily of air bag accelerometers and manifold absolute pressure sensors for motor vehicles; inkjet printer heads and read/write heads for computer peripherals; blood pressure monitors; and digital displays for business projection systems.
73 pounds per square inch absolute pressure (psia) and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
They found the most effective method was vacuum infusion of a soap at an absolute pressure of 30.
There is an absolute pressure for first class office space.