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C) Increase of P absorption by micorrhizae plants hyphae may be because of increase of P absorbtion in the root length unit.
This may be due to the fact that intraperitoneal or subcutaneous routes facilitate the rapid absorbtion of the substance.
Starkey says that the absorbtion with a 17th-century political power, and the Duke leading his country against would-be dictator Louis XIV of France, that led to him recognising the threat the Nazis posed before Hitler came to power.
Selective absorbtion of mineral elements by native plants of Wisconsin, Plant and Soil 25: 393- 405.
Features a high-density forefoot and heel insole pads for shock absorbtion, reinforced top-stitching, and antibacterial lining.
Phytoremediation of heavy metals and study of the metal coordination by X-ray absorbtion spectroscopy, Coordination, Chemistry Reviews 249: 1797-1810.
In order to provide a sensible probe for the interference pattern, necessary for the aim of the experiment considered, we will suppose in the following idealized wires which conserve a finite absorbtion efficiency and this despite the absence of any geometrical transversal extension.
GERB's suggestion might merge as many as 79 of them to reduce the local government budget and to "increase the efficiency of regional EU-funds absorbtion.
As the density increases, glass being more conductive than air enhances K (thus the second term) but at the same having more glass fibers means more absorbtion and scattering of radiation, and K decreases (thus the third term).
The online report by The Environmental Working Group has ranked 1,200 mobile phones on the basis of their radiation emissions, measured as specific absorbtion rate (SAR), in a bid to draw attention to the risks of using cell phones.