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Carlyle's death Carlyle blamed himself bitterly for inconsiderateness toward her, and it is certain that his erratic and irritable temper, partly exasperated by long disappointment and by constant physical misery, that his peasant-bred lack of delicacy, and his absorption in his work, made a perpetual and vexatious strain on Mrs.
It was an expression of unconscious placid gravity--of absorption in thoughts that had no connection with the present moment or with her own personality--an expression that is most of all discouraging to a lover.
Nothing bad passed for half an hour-- nothing at least, to be exact, but that each of the companions occasionally and covertly intermitted her pursuit in such a manner as to ascertain the degree of absorption of the other without turning round.
When she was too lonely, she would go to them and shed her own troubles and problems by absorption in those of others.
In her absorption she did not note the sudden activity upon the vessel, the purring of the engines, the throbbing of the propeller.
Such was his absorption that the pretty stenographer slowly and imperceptibly faded from the forefront of his consciousness.
Elizabeth, such was her absorption in her thoughts, was not even aware of his presence till he spoke to her.