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We define embodying capability as a source of competitive advantage of an experience-centric firm as follows: Embodying capability is an ability which can help an experience-centric service firm translate an abstract concept generated from the core value of a firm to a visible business model, which can deliver the abstract concept in a precise manner to their targeted customers.
Heiberg's speculative poetry, a literary appropriation of Hegel's speculative philosophy, and Kierkegaard's controlled irony share in common their emphasis on the mediation between the actuality and the abstract concept, but with difference in their emphasis.
2009) described how the statistical preponderance of sensory-motor information supports the meaning of concrete concepts, whereas the statistical preponderance of emotional information and language information supports the meaning of abstract concepts.
Designers can collaborate to select appropriate graphics to prompt attention to abstract concepts, but images and text must both be consistent with the context and meaning of the abstract concept.
Empirical evidence supporting an embodied view on the processing of concrete and abstract concepts
Freedom is an abstract concept for many people whose newly free republics no longer provide jobs for all, free health care and education.
Ms Kelly said: "Equality law is not about some abstract concept.
Rather than obsess about an abstract concept, "homosexuality," the institutional church should focus on the real issue: Is it in the best interest of the child to deny adoption to same-sex couples?
But because humans aren't powered by calculation, students sometimes have a hard time grasping the complex and abstract concept behind machine programming, according to Jose Manuel Benitez Sanchez.
Reasoning using an abstract concept like this can get circular, fast.
The campaign aims to make Dutch people aware that climate change is not an abstract concept and future threat, but a "here-and-now" problem that they can do something about.