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Raphael's effort to avoid an absolute hypostasizing of an abstract concept not only suggests the pervasiveness of the personified idea within the depicted scene but also clearly and fully responds to and realizes the eloquence attributed to the body in fifteenth-century painting theory.
Let's now explore a more abstract concept - that of "virtual business.
This brief investment of time helped me to put the somewhat abstract concept of community policing into a practical perspective.
He said: "To ask three-year-olds to draw how they feel while in a particular place seems a rather abstract concept for someone who can struggle with counting to 10.
Luck is an abstract concept that just doesn't make any logical sense.
Because the theme deals with an abstract concept, it is a good exercise to talk about what is real and what isn't.
Enthusiasts of representational state transfer (REST), an architectural style or a way of judging architectures, find significant gaps between that abstract concept and the reality.
But they are far more than some abstract concept, however vital.
The idea of the soul is a very abstract concept and we have had many abstract images, while lots of people picture their souls as animals or birds," said Natalie.
To me the idea of species is just an abstract concept," says Puddicombe, a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator.
Ravel's lush showpiece for the harp, lovely though it is, essentially is an abstract concept.
Although the picture of a firing squad on the cover may spark some initial attention, the scholarly discussion of an abstract concept will quickly deter all but the most serious YAs.