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We define embodying capability as a source of competitive advantage of an experience-centric firm as follows: Embodying capability is an ability which can help an experience-centric service firm translate an abstract concept generated from the core value of a firm to a visible business model, which can deliver the abstract concept in a precise manner to their targeted customers.
Considering the title of this book with a concern of "cultural crisis of the Golden Age" and all the discussion on the balance between concrete historical phenomena and abstract concept, it is a pity that concrete materials of Denmark's Golden Age crisis is left out of the discussion and simply get generalized with the abstract concept such as relativism, nihilism and skepticism.
In both examples, it appears that using the abstract concept to improve an existing technology, as opposed to merely performing mathematical calculations on a computer, is key to surviving the second step of the Mayo test.
Graphics' contribution to learning has long been acknowledged (Duchastel, 1980; Evans, Watson, & Willows, 1987; Lee & Boling, 1999; Levie & Lentz, 1982), but the process for selecting graphics, especially graphics that represent abstract concepts, has been largely ignored.
Christopher Peterson (Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature, Claremont McKenna College, California) presents Kindred Specters: Death, Mourning, and American Affinity, an in-depth exploration of the themes of death, mourning, and violence as well as how they affect kinship relations in literary works such as Charles Chesnutt's "The Conjure Woman" and William Faulkner's "Absalom, Absalom!" Focusing specifically on American culture, Kindred Specters observes how non-normative forms of kinship (including interracial relationships and the fairly recent issue of gay marriage) have been relentlessly condemned to the extent that the abstract concept of death is projected upon and associated with them.
If surface mining remains an abstract concept for you, Coal River is a good place to start, but those other books are worthy, too.
Freedom is an abstract concept for many people whose newly free republics no longer provide jobs for all, free health care and education.
Ms Kelly said: "Equality law is not about some abstract concept. It is about how every one of us is treated at work, as a customer and consumer, and by our public services."
Rather than obsess about an abstract concept, "homosexuality," the institutional church should focus on the real issue: Is it in the best interest of the child to deny adoption to same-sex couples?
But because humans aren't powered by calculation, students sometimes have a hard time grasping the complex and abstract concept behind machine programming, according to Jose Manuel Benitez Sanchez.
Reasoning using an abstract concept like this can get circular, fast.
The campaign aims to make Dutch people aware that climate change is not an abstract concept and future threat, but a "here-and-now" problem that they can do something about.