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this particular mnemic stimulus at once overbalances its simultaneously roused predecessors and successors, and we perceive the face in question with concrete definiteness in that particular situation." A little later he says: "The result is--at least in man, but probably also in the higher animals--the development of a sort of PHYSIOLOGICAL abstraction. Mnemic homophony gives us, without the addition of other processes of thought, a picture of our friend X which is in a certain sense abstract, not the concrete in any one situation, but X cut loose from any particular point of time.
Abstractions such as 'authority,' 'equality,' 'utility,' 'liberty,' 'pleasure,' 'experience,' 'consciousness,' 'chance,' 'substance,' 'matter,' 'atom,' and a heap of other metaphysical and theological terms, are the source of quite as much error and illusion and have as little relation to actual facts as the ideas of Plato.
The verb reify is defined as "to regard or treat (an abstraction) as if it had concrete or material existence" (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 2000, p.
Subsequent to France imposing an adequate regulatory framework to ensure that the Surface Water Directive is respected, the European Commission, on 12 September, decided to suspend its June decision to refer France to the EU Court of Justice for the second time in a case concerning the pollution by nitrates of drinking water abstraction points in Brittany.
Based on recent experiences with joint architecture development, we propose some general heuristics covering the following: the architecture team; common lexicon; process ownership; appropriate abstraction; organizational bias; level-of-war bias; and hollow-transfer activities.
Idealization 12; correcting the model; idealization and abstraction in the sciences.
This description of Piet Mondrian's New York studio sheds light on the man who went beyond all efforts of his generation to achieve abstraction in search of absolute reality.
This paper examines the role of scaffolding in the process of abstraction. An activity-theoretic approach to abstraction in context is taken.
WELSH Water, Daer-Cymru have been ordered to pay fines and costs tot alling over pounds 1,300 for taking 3m more gallons of water from a village river in south Gwynedd than they should have done according to their abstraction licence conditions.
The lawyer transforms truth, in fact, into an abstraction, desiring to keep a personal distance from the object he has in his sights.
"Metaphorical minstrelsy" disappeared in the 1940s, when modern dance choreographers embraced what Manning calls "mythic abstraction." By this she means mythic dramas such as Martha Graham's "Greek" works or abstract dances by choreographers like Merce Cunningham.
Of course, this very rejection of abstraction rests upon an abstraction, "the ideological basis" of our exceptionalism.