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A Community periodontal treatment need (CPITN ) probe was used to check the different indexes on the abutment and control tooth.
Combining the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner with ATLANTIS abutments creates a streamlined and efficient workflow for the entire treatment team.
Now Dentsply Implants moves forward to strengthen the intraoral scanning service for Atlantis abutments by collaborating with 3Shape, a company specialising in the development and marketing of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions.
The friction grip relationship eliminates micro movement between the abutment and the implant, eradicating microbial colonization at the interface, and reducing bone loss at the crestal level.
1,10) Although a CRR of 1:1 is regarded as a minimum ratio (23) for prospective abutments under normal circumstances, a ratio greater than 1:1 might be adequate if the opposing occlusion is composed of tissue-supported prosthesis.
8,9) This has resulted in an emphasis on the surface of the prosthetic abutment as a means of minimizing plaque accumulation; most implant abutments now have a polished surface to eliminate roughness that may serve as a nidus for plaque formation.
By removing and re-seating the crown repeatedly until the crown is set hard, the assistant can make the temporary crown rub against any undercuts that maybe in the abutments.
To dig out the causes of seepage for Khanpur dam, detailed investigations were carried out in 1993 and as a result excessive seepage quantities were measured along the left abutment.
However, conventional metal abutments have the disadvantage of metallic components showing through.
Carbonate geology generally contains joints, fractures and famous for solution cavities which are responsible for high rate of seepage through abutments of the dam.
The first step is the development of a software interface enabling the 3Shape dental scanners to communicate with the Atlantis VAD software, which is used for the design and production of patient-specific implant abutments.
The handrail comprises a rope secured with steel wire rings to a horizontal tube welded to the vertical bars, while the abutments are made from local stone slabs, layered vertically to create ramped access; deep raked joints recreate the rhythm of the deck and railings.