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Why are there different levels for homicide? What U.S Constitutional argument can one make that conviction of the same crime by two different sovereigns is in violation of the U.S Constitution? Strict liability does not require proof of means read. Could give me some arguments in favor of this? Can threatening to bite someone and transmitting a deadly infection be used as both a possessing a deadly weapon and causing fear by a person or death? If a person enters an apartment and take jewels and leaves. What are three crimes that may have been committed by him and why?These are these questions I will like for you'll to help me with. I want to understand it better


Unfortunately, due to the volume of issues we receive, we are currently unable to use free attorney time for academic questions. There should be other articles on the Internet however.
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What used to be perhaps an academic question, is today a very practical and pertinent one: The sanctions relief Obama is promising Iran in the nuclear talks are not his to lift.
The possibility of a general election result in which the Tories win the largest number of English seats and Labour the largest number of seats overall makes this more than a mere academic question.
But for patients diagnosed as vegetative and minimally conscious, and their families, this is far more than just an academic question -- it takes on a very real significance.
Having said all of that, for all practical purposes, one wonders, why should this question be debated as a matter of life and death on prime time TV shows and editorial pages of newspapers in harsh tones and not as a mere academic question in history journals and dissertations with some scholarly soberness?
IOLO PRICE: It''s an academic question as it would be practically impossible to do so; get used to it.
And the admittedly academic question of whether a community of artists is a "scene" or a "family" or something else entirely receded completely, and the holidays were warm, bright and full of cheer.
Asked whether the UK would contribute if the UN could be persuaded to back military intervention, Mr Hague replied: "It's so hypothetical that it is an academic question.
He replied: "I consider it both a moral and an academic question, and if anyone thinks it is unfair to the military to compare them to prostitution.
It's an all-but academic question for the Lions who currently trail their neighbours by 18 points.
It also frequently raises the academic question of how viable the currency peg with the SA Rand is.
It's an academic question - there's no official glory in being the favorite - but the fact it's asked says a lot about how horse racing has changed.
Though I was an academic, for me, the difference between male and female language wasn't an academic question.

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